ESSEX Police have arrested a man in connection to immigration offences after a dozen of people are found in the back of a lorry.

Essex Police responded to a report on Wednesday, June 21, regarding a group of people discovered in the back of a lorry on A130 Regiment Way, between Braintree and Chelmsford.

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The police have confirmed that all 12 people found inside the vehicle have been deemed safe and well following medical assessments.

A spokesman from Essex Police said: "We were called to Essex Regiment Way following the concern around a group of people being located in the back of a lorry.

"The 12 people in the back of the lorry received a medical assessment and were deemed safe and well. 

"A man was arrested on suspicion of facilitating the commission of a breach of UK immigration law.

"He has since been released on bail whilst inquiries continue."

The group consisted of five women and seven men, who were immediately taken into custody on suspicion of immigration offences.

Essex Police have been working to investigate the circumstances surrounding their presence in the lorry.

A 54-year-old man from Peterborough was arrested on suspicion of facilitating a breach of UK immigration law.

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However, he has been released on bail as further inquiries are continued.