A UNIQUE event is set to take place to raise awareness of nature and the 'docile temperament' of large bully dog breeds. 

Braintree residents are coming together for Braintree Bully Link Up, a dog show and festival, set to take place at the Baytree Bootsale site on Coggleshall Road.

Organized by a resident who owns the infamous big dog breed, the event aims to challenge the bad name of XL bully breed dogs.

The event gained rapid traction, with a Facebook group attracting 140 members within three days.

More than 200 people expressed their interest in attending, along with an impressive count of around 250 dogs.

Eager to make the event a success, the organizer has gone to great lengths to arrange various amenities and activities.

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Connor Sheridan, the organiser, said: " I've gone through the effort of arranging food stalls, like Caribbean food, rolls and pastries, a coffee trailer, a dog agility course, two dog groomers to attend, also a registered dog trainer has agreed to come and offer advice and classes for a low fee.

"We are arranging swimming pools and shaded areas in case it gets a little hot.

"We have numerous stalls coming including raw healthy dog treats and shampoos to help people understand the breed and how to properly take care of the pups. 

"We will be arranging music for the event as well as a lineup of all XL bullies to be filmed towards the end of the event.

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"This whole event is to raise awareness of the actual genuine nature and docile temperament of the XL bully breed of dog."

While the event focuses on XL bullies, it welcomes all breeds of dogs.

However, clear rules have been set to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Any aggressive behaviour, uncontrollable barking, or failure to clean up after pets will result in immediate expulsion from the event.

During the gathering, a two-minute silence will be observed as a mark of respect for Marshall and Millions, the two dogs tragically killed by the Metropolitan Police.

While asked about the controversial aggressive behaviour, and seven fatalities caused last year by the breed, the organiser said: "Police and people are outlining the cases where Bullies were acting aggressively because they are not a usual breed. 

"There are cases where different large breeds have attacked and killed, but are not of concern as people are used to seeing them, and have a connection with them.  

"That's why I'm organising this event, to raise awareness and show that they are docile. 

"Just like other dogs, if they are not being neglected, irritated or beaten, they will grow to be loving animals."

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page.