A CENTURY-old care home resident celebrated her 103rd birthday with 700 cards from the community.

Rose Thompson, a resident at Kilkee Lodge in Braintree, witnessed an extraordinary day filled with joy and appreciation as she celebrated her 103rd birthday surrounded by loved ones, staff and her daughter.

The day was marked by a heartwarming gesture that far exceeded expectations, leaving everyone overwhelmed with gratitude.

Braintree and Witham Times: Birthday - Care home resident celebrated with her daughter and fellow residentsBirthday - Care home resident celebrated with her daughter and fellow residents (Image: Kilkee Lodge)

To honour Rose's remarkable milestone, staff at the care home devised a unique plan to collect 103 birthday cards, each representing a year of her long and eventful life.

Little did they know that their idea would strike a chord in the community, resulting in an outpouring of good wishes.

In an unexpected turn of events, Rose received an astounding 700 cards, surpassing the care home's wildest dreams.

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Among the many greetings, Rose discovered a multitude of beautiful cards, with a special emphasis on those crafted by children.

Even days after her birthday, she continues to open and savour each heartfelt message individually.

Great Bradford School brightened Rose's big day by serenading her with a heartwarming rendition of Happy Birthday.

Braintree and Witham Times: Cards - Rose received 700 cards from the communityCards - Rose received 700 cards from the community (Image: Kilkee Lodge)

Another remarkable surprise came from Kidadorable, who not only sang to Rose but also delivered an exquisite bouquet that filled the room with delightful fragrances.

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The day wouldn't have been complete without delectable treats generously provided by Phoebe Nowakiwskyj and Maria Summers, who crafted beautiful handmade birthday cakes for Rose to enjoy.

Michelle Garrod, who helped organise the event, was also singled out for praise.

Staff at Kilkee Lodge said they were hugely grateful to the entire community for making Rose's birthday an unforgettable experience.