Witham Amateur Operatic Society is lucky to have someone like William Hackett, who not only has the physique to play Dr Frankenstein’s Monster, but can also dance and sing and orate like Noel Coward.

He carried off all those things with aplomb, as well as grunting menacingly – and whispering sweet nothings sweetly – in the society’s production of Young Frankenstein at Witham Public Hall.

He was a late entry into the action, which up to that point had largely been in the hands of the doctor of the title, a commanding and confident performance by Kris Tyler.

Alongside an oleaginous Igor (Michael Mundell-Poole) and a bouncy and flirtatious Inga (Amy Pryce), the doctor had been preparing the audience to welcome his creation.

The script, with music and lyrics by Mel Brooks, is lively, and occasionally corny, and is efficiently handled by the cast who milk the double entendres (and single ones) for all they’re worth.

Maeve Borges’ po-faced Dietrich-like Frau Blucher contrasts nicely with Corrina Groombridge’s emotional and occasionally hysterical Elizabeth Benning, making full use of her wide vocal range, and Keith Harman’s touching portrait of the blind hermit.

The production, with its LED screen, complex lighting and pyrotechnics, was described by director Nikki Mundell-Poole as "definitely the most challenging technical show the society has attempted in many years".

Who knows what Mary Shelley would have made of it? And indeed, who cares? The cast turned it into a thoroughly entertaining evening.

The show runs to April 29.

Ron Fosker