A young girl who raised thousands for the NHS during the pandemic is set to take to the stage in an upcoming Andrew Lloyd Webber show in the West End.

Halstead’s Indiana Ashworth, 12, is set to star in the upcoming Aspects of Love musical alongside Michael Ball.

The youngster currently has a scholarship at Gosfield School and has had training at Rascals Theatre School in Halstead, ROM Theatre Arts in Great Dunmow, West End Musical Theatre in Finsbury Park and currently at Pixie Lott Performing arts in Chelmsford and Stagebox in London, who put Indiana forward for the opportunity.

She will be playing the character of Michael Ball’s daughter Young Jenny and will be singing a duet with the West End superstar.

She shares the role with two other girls - Millie Gubby and Katie Mitton, both 16.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, Indiana's mother Shelly was classed as being extremely vulnerable due to having had a liver transplant.

The family, including mum Shelly, dad Stuart, Indiana and her sister Maggie, were all isolating throughout the entire pandemic.

Indiana and younger sister Maggie, now nine, raised more than £2500 for the NHS in 2020 by posting daily singing videos.

Mrs Ashworth said: “She’s been doing performing arts since she could talk.

“During the pandemic, she missed out on lots of opportunities due to isolation but there was a positive out of it as she raised money for the NHS by singing every day.

“On one of her last songs she got spotted by someone in the West End and she got a performing arts scholarship at Gosfield School.

“She’s been signed to an agency and has been so close to getting into a lot of roles.

“She was close to being cast in Mary Poppins but when it didn’t happen she was devastated.

“We're just over the moon for her. You have so much rejection in this industry. It’s just so lovely to get a 'yes' at the end of it.

“The industry is so big now so the opportunity for someone local to get it is amazing.

“She started rehearsing two weeks ago and her first show is on Wednesday, May 17.

“Her school is completely on board and supportive, they’ve been great.

“Her dream has come true. She takes it all in her stride and doesn’t see it as hard work because she loves it so much.”