HUNDREDS of homes have been without gas since last week due to a fault -but the end could finally be in sight.

Residents in Witham have been left without gas after a fault led to it being switched off last Thursday.

Those living in the estate off King Edward Road and Allectus Way have been affected.

Engineers have been on site since Thursday working to restore the supply.

The gas is now up and running for about three-quarters of the area impacted and engineers believe the remaining customers will have their supply restored by the end of today.

The network has asked residents without gas to stay at home so engineers can access properties.

Engineers have also moved to reassure customers and said they will not be leaving the site until everyone is reconnected to the gas network.

A Customer Centre has been set up at Witham Leisure Centre to offer support to customers and showers are also available at the centre.

Last night a spokesman for Cadent Gas said: "After a day of great progress, we are sorry to have to say due to a number of engineering challenges in Phase 8, we won’t be able to get gas back into this area of Witham tonight.

“We know it’s of small comfort and the last thing you wanted to hear, but please be assured we are confident of being able to restore gas supply to this phase on Monday.

“We have restored supply to around three-quarters of the total area impacted by this incident. It is just Phase 8 now remaining.

“We will continue working to get things ready for restoring supplies in Phase 8 tomorrow.

“Ideally, we would want you to stay in tomorrow so that we can access your home as soon as we are able to restore your supply, but know you may have commitments that mean you can’t.

“Please be assured that if you need to go out, to work for example, we will keep engineers in the area for when you return.

“Or, perhaps you could leave a key with a neighbour? We don’t need you to be there, we just need to be able to get in. Whichever works best for you, is fine by us.

“Once again, we are sorry to those we have been unable to get back on gas this weekend.”