A FORMER mayor is under fire following comments she made over the Pride flag on social media.

Witham town and Braintree district councillor Angela Kilmartin has been criticised over comments she made on a Facebook post, in which she said she did not want any Pride flags along the High Street.

The post, which was made over the purchase of new Pride flags for businesses to replace ones which had been attacked with eggs, saw Ms Kilmartin take to the comment section on her personal account.

She said: “I don’t want Pride sex flags along my High Street.

“I don’t even want heterosexual flags along my High Street.

“Sex is for the bedroom and private life - not for displaying preferences in public.”

Both Braintree Council and Witham Town Council say they are aware of the comments and have “disowned” them.

A spokesman for Witham Town Council said: “In June 2020, the town council appointed its first LGBTQ+ ambassador who was instrumental in setting up the Witham LGBTQ+ Network which is still running successfully today.

“The town hall has proudly flown the Rainbow Flag to show its support to the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride month.”

Braintree and Witham Times: Witham Town Hall displaying the pride flag in June 2020Witham Town Hall displaying the pride flag in June 2020 (Image: Witham Town Council)

Witham Town Council leader Michael Lager said: “I was disappointed to hear of this post as Witham Town Council have policies to promote equal and fair treatment for all, that have been subscribed to by all its elected members.

“We celebrate the diversity of Witham and recognise this within our own organisation in everything we do. We expect our councillors and staff to do the same.”

Ms Kilmartin said: "Witham Town Council, through its officers, has made its formal comment and statement.

"I made my social media reply to a facebook comment under my own name.

"I have not commented as a councillor.

"Another contributor picked it up after some time but it remains the fact that I did not comment as a councillor. 

"My own personal comment remains online along with detractors and others.

"Hundreds of wellwishers have been in touch through a variety of media.

"I am sure that all the townspeople of Witham value democratic freedoms within the law - I do."