RAINWATER collectors have been installed in cemeteries to reduce water waste and help to tackle climate change.

Water butts have been placed in Braintree Council’s cemeteries so rainwater can be used by visitors tending to graves.

The simple idea is part of the council’s drive to help tackle climate change.

Water butts have benefits because rainwater is great for plants and reduces water waste.

The water butts are fixed to existing down pipes to ensure a good level of water is collected, and signs have been put up to make visitors aware.

They are installed across cemeteries in Bocking, Braintree, Halstead and Witham.

Council environment boss Wendy Schmitt said: "Water butts are a really easy way to protect the environment.

"Re-using rainwater makes complete sense – the water is free, and the plants prefer it.

"We hope this encourages others to consider using a water butt.”

The council is also urging residents to collect the rainwater which falls on the roof of their homes and use it in their gardens by taking up a subsidised water butt offer from Essex County Council and getcomposting.com.