MP James Cleverly has said he would rather fight 50 chicken-sized horses than one horse-sized chicken in a special interview.

The Braintree MP sat down for a Q and A session to mark his 100th day as Foreign Secretary.

He spoke about a range of topics including what he wanted to be when he grew up, what the Government is doing about the Iranian regime and the best food he has eaten on a foreign visit.

On what he wanted to be as a child, Mr Cleverly said he “never thought he was going to be a politician” adding he thought about “art and military careers”.

Mr Cleverly was also asked about the best food he has eaten on a foreign visit.

He said: “I can’t answer that, because I would please one of my international interlocutors and really upset all the rest, but I do get fantastic foods which is one of the reasons why I’m having to hold my stomach in during this interview.”

Braintree and Witham Times: James CleverlyJames Cleverly (Image: PA)

The Foreign Secretary was also asked some topical questions, including what the Government is doing about the Iranian regime.

He said: “Well because of their international and domestic actions, we are having to do a lot.

“We are working on the JCPOA to try and prevent them acquiring nuclear weapons, we are sanctioning the morality police and judges who have been persecuting protestors in Iran, we have sanctioned the IRGC in its entirety and we have sanctioned individuals and companies that have been providing armed drones to Russia that have been used to brutalise civilians in Ukraine.”

On the hardest, most surprising and favourite thing about being Foreign Secretary, Mr Cleverly said: “Hardest and favourite thing are the same which is the travel, and I suppose the most surprising thing is how hard the travel is.

“Jumping back and forth between time zones, trying to concentrate and make sure you don’t create a diplomatic incident, that’s pretty hard work.”

The interview ended with a bizarre question on whether the MP would fight 50 chicken-sized horses or one horse-sized chicken.

He chuckled, saying: “A horse-sized chicken would freak me out, have you seen a chicken up close they’re actually really scary, they’re basically like dinosaurs.

“I’m going to for the 50 tiny horses, there you go, serious foreign policy thinking right there.”