WITHAM superstar Olly Murs says his latest single is one fans can relate to ahead of his new album’s release this week.

Olly Murs’s new single ‘I Hate You When You’re Drunk’ is out now.

The Witham-born singer says the new song is one of the stand-out tracks from his eagerly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Marry Me’.

The album is set to be released on Friday, December 2, and is Olly’s first new album in four years and the seventh of his career.

The new track was written by Olly alongside David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, produced by David Stewart and mixed by Ash Howes.

The song tells a familiar tale of being embarrassed by a friend, relative or partner who’s had a few too many to drink, whether it be dancing on tables, bad karaoke, or telling the same story over and over.

Speaking about the track, Olly says it's one everyone can all relate to.

He said: “I thought it was a fun song to write as there have been so many times where a friend, family member or loved one has had one too many.

“It’s a light-hearted take from the sober person's point of view. We all know someone!”