BRAINTREE’S MP has been called upon to help prevent “Ukraine Fatigue” from spreading among residents.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly heard the Government should launch a public campaign.

Speaking for the SNP, Anum Qaisar said such an initiative would explain to people why the UK was supporting Ukraine and what they could do to help.

Ms Qaisar, MP for Airdrie and Shotts, told the Commons: “As this war morphs into a protracted conflict, the creep of Ukraine fatigue into the UK public is an increasing danger.

“Statistics published recently show, in the midst of the hike to UK prices, the UK public’s support for continuing economic sanctions against Russia has fallen from 73 per cent in March to 41 per cent in this month.”

Mr Cleverly replied: "I think the British people instinctively understand if we slip back from our support to the Ukrainians in this incredibly difficult time for them, the costs globally will be huge.

“So as difficult as it is, it’s essential we continue our support for Ukraine because the costs of inaction will be so much higher.”

It comes as more Ukrainian refugee households have faced homelessness in Braintree, new figures show.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in March, refugees from the war have been invited to stay in the UK under the Ukrainian Sponsorship and Family schemes.

However, as the cost-of-living crisis starts to bite and the initial hosting period comes to an end, it is feared that many more refugees could become homeless.

Figures from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities show three refugee households had been made homeless or put at risk of homelessness in Braintree as of September 23 – while two had four weeks prior.

Nationally, the number of refugee households with homelessness duties surged 22 per cent over the same period, from 1,565 to 1,915. Of those, 1,335 households 70 per cent had dependent children.

Hosts sign on for an initial six months and while the Government says it will continue to provide support for an additional six months, several charities have said they are worried people may choose not to, given the rising costs of food and fuel.

Separate figures show 212 Ukrainian refugee households due in Braintree – from 245 successful applications – had arrived in the UK by October 4 under the sponsorship scheme.