BUS passengers were given a fright when a driver dressed up as an iconic character from the film series Halloween. 

Stephensons bus driver Ashley Warren has been dressing up as the iconic Michael Myers when driving bus routes in Maldon and Witham last week.

The villain is famous for being in the popular Halloween films, first beginning in John Carpenter’s first film in 1978, and most recently in the 13th installment Halloween Ends which was released this year.

Ashley typically dresses up at Christmas, previously donning iconic Santa and Grinch outfits during the holiday season.

This was his first time dressing up at Halloween, despite being a lover of classic horror films.

He said: “This was the first time for Halloween, I just thought I was only on the busses for a couple of days, so did it last Thursday and Friday.

“I just love 80s Halloween, I actually have a sleeve with Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Jason Vorhees, IT and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Ashley, like many at Halloween, ordered the costume online, before getting to work and enjoying the reactions of his passengers taking the Number 90 from Witham to Maldon.

Braintree and Witham Times:

The bus driver moved to Essex after working as a conductor in London on Routemasters buses and has been in the business for 17 years.

Now a part of Stephensons of Essex, he looks forward to bringing some holiday cheer for passengers and passers-by.

He said: “The reactions have been great, everyone loves it.

“I started at 5am when it was dark, and you only pick a couple of people up at that time, and they definitely jumped and had to do some double takes when they realised Michael was driving their bus.

Braintree and Witham Times:

“But the kids loved it, and so did the elderly, it is just nice that something so simple can bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Looking forward to Christmas, Ashley was giving no hints as to whether he will dress up and if so, what iconic outfit he will be adorning.

He simply said: “I can’t give anything away, I guess you will just have to wait and see.”