A prospective councillor has hit out at Braintree’s MP following controversial comments made in the run-up to the Qatar World Cup.

Jack Coleman is the potential Labour candidate for the upcoming Braintree Council election next year.

Standing in Witham West, Mr Coleman represents the Braintree and Witham Labour Party and is their LGBT spokesman.

Now Mr Coleman has labelled James Cleverly MP as “tone-deaf” following comments made about LGBT fans heading to Qatar for the World Cup.

Speaking to LBC, the Foreign Secretary caused outrage when he urged LGBT fans travelling to the Middle East state next month to show “a little bit of flex and compromise” and to “respect the culture of your host nation”.

The move sparked fury among opposition politicians with Mr Coleman being no exception.

Mr Coleman said: “The Foreign Secretary should represent the values of our nation. No one in Britain should have to compromise on their identity.

“Freedom of expression and inclusivity are British values, which are non-negotiable and cannot be compromised.  

“Perhaps the Foreign Secretary could promote another British value of tolerance, something that the Qatari officials could note in regards to showing respect to LGBT fans.

“Respect is a two-way process if Qatar is expecting fans to be respectful then perhaps showing respect to all fans of football would be a positive start. 

“The foreign secretary should be championing LGBT rights globally as LGBT rights are British rights. 

“As an openly gay council candidate in the upcoming local elections, I promise to represent the community and values of Britain and will not compromise on who I am or what my community stands for. 

Mr Coleman is also calling on Mr Cleverly to retract his remarks made in the LBC interview where he also said he would likely attend the World Cup.

He added: “Consider wearing a symbol that represents Britain's commitment to LGBT rights and access to sport, just as our national team will be doing in Qatar.

“When we win in Qatar this year and bring football home, let's show all gay players both professionally and on community pitches globally that Britain’s football community is here for them and we have clubs up and down the country, for them to be out and proud.”