WITHAM MP Priti Patel has written to local authorities and social housing providers following the announcement of further funding for the Government’s Help to Heat scheme. 

Ms Patel has provided up-to-date information so that they can take advantage of the new funding to help local people who are struggling with energy bills.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced the next phase of funding for the scheme, totalling £1.5billion, which will include up to £800m for local authorities and registered providers of social housing from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, and up to £700m for local authorities from the Home Upgrade Grant.

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund supports the installation of energy performance measures in social homes, while the Home Upgrade Grant scheme provides funding to local authorities for energy performance upgrades through the installation of energy-efficiency measures and low-carbon heating sources.

This investment is part of the overall Help to Heat scheme, which provides help for the public, including those on lower income or in vulnerable households, to find targeted support that can help make homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

The Government’s online service, gov.uk/improve-energy-efficiency, can help people make decisions on potential energy efficiency measures in their homes, including the boiler upgrade scheme, local authority delivery scheme, energy company obligation as well as the home upgrade grant and social housing decarbonisation fund.

Ms Patel said: “This latest round of important funding will help upgrade the energy efficiency of homes in Witham, with a number of postcodes throughout the constituency eligible for grants.

“I appreciate that there is a lot of concern about the cost of living and rising energy bills. 

“Upgrades to eligible homes will help the average household save hundreds of pounds a year on their energy bills whilst also reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.

“I have written to our local councils and registered social housing providers with information on these schemes and I look forward to seeing their applications for funding.”