Braintree is expected to get a heatwave this weekend as temperatures rise to the lows 20s according to the Met Office

Temperatures are predicted to reach 22C on Friday afternoon (June 10) and on Saturday (June 11), whilst Sunday (June 12) should see highs of 20C.

That means it is time to get the sunnies and suncream out and to start planning your weekend beach trip to soak up all the sun and say goodbye to the recent wet weather.

Plus, you won't need to worry about any rain too as there's less than a 5% chance throughout most of the days.

But as a warning for hayfever suffers, you may want to prepare as across the entire weekend pollen levels are very high. 

Braintree's Met Office weekend weather forecast

The Met Office's forecast for Friday in Braintree said: "It will be dry overnight but the breezy conditions will persist. Patchy evening cloud will largely disperse to leave long clear spells for most. Minimum temperature 10 °C."

For Saturday it added: "It will be a noticeably breezy day. However, it should remain dry with sunny spells and just some patchy fair weather cloud. Maximum temperature 23 °C."

Sunday might see an "isolated shower" with "a moderate breeze" but will otherwise be dry with sunny spells.

View the full Met Office forecast for Braintree at their website here.