A leading operator has started managing the operations of the shared e-scooter scheme in Essex after its acquisition of Spin, which has run the service for more than a year.

TIER will be rolling out its latest e-scooter model with upgraded features for added safety.

It will be replacing Spin and initially launching a 350-strong fleet in Chelmsford, followed by Basildon and Colchester at a later date in June.

Riders in Chelmsford will be able to start using the new e-scooters from June 6. These new green e-scooters will continue to be the only legal way to use such vehicles on public land in Essex.

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They include a very large front wheel, indicators, a wider foot plate, dual suspension, a double kick-stand and dual drum brakes for stable riding on uneven surfaces and conditions.

TIER’s e-scooters also include swappable battery technology, meaning the region will now benefit from a more sustainable operating model which reduces congestion and pollution when recharging the vehicles.

The new model also has brighter lights and upgraded indicators offering 360° visibility.

Other features include three independent brakes and enhanced handlebar grips.

Braintree and Witham Times: The new Tier e-scooter in ColchesterThe new Tier e-scooter in Colchester

Georgia Yexley, General Manager for UK & Ireland said: “We’re really excited to build on Spin’s excellent reputation established in the area, working in collaboration with their team and the council to deliver a safe, green transport option for residents and visitors.

“The e-scooter scheme has already had a hugely positive impact in Essex, with almost a million e-scooter rides being taken since its launch.

“Working together, we hope the scheme can continue to reduce air pollution and congestion in the county in line with the Essex County Council’s Safer, Greener, Healthier campaign.”

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Pricing will change to reflect TIER’s model, but special subsidised programmes, such as those for NHS workers and those on low incomes, will remain.

Riders will need to download the TIER app and register to access the vehicles. The current long-term renting options in Braintree and Brentwood will cease until further notice.

Peter Blackman, chair of the Essex-wide E-Scooter Trial Stakeholder Group said: “Spin has delivered a good start to the Essex e-scooter trial.

“The establishment of the Stakeholder Group has been successful and dialogue with Spin and Essex County Council has already delivered important improvements.

“The transfer to TIER seems to be a further step in the right direction. TIER has already established positive engagement with our group ahead of the launch of its new fleet.

“We had a thorough discussion earlier this month with regard to how TIER operates, the enhanced safety features on their new vehicle and some of the additional safety partnerships and projects they can bring to Essex.

“We look forward to working with them and will continue to provide input to the trial from the views of community and vulnerable people’s organisations across the county."

Lee Scott, Essex County Council cabinet member for highways maintenance and sustainable transport said: “Essex County Council has an oversight role for the e-scooter trial which will feed into our evaluation once the trial period is over in November.

“We're pleased that the trial has already demonstrated a real modal shift helping make Essex safer, greener and healthier and look forward to Tier continuing this work over the next six months.”