A THIRD generation salon owner has added a fourth branch to her business empire.

Originating in Halstead, Lipstick and Locks opened its latest branch in Little Square, Braintree, adding to three existing clinics.

Business owner Abi Cutter, 28, from Greenstead Green, is a third generation salon owner.

Dad Julian Cutter took over from his father Jon Cutter more than three decades ago and now has multiple salons of his own.

Jon opened his first salon in Sudbury in 1971 and his second in Halstead in 1982.

Abi began her Lipstick and Locks business inside Cutters in Halstead High Street in 2016, before expanding and moving to Sudbury.

Abi eventually took over Cutters in Halstead, which she hopes to eventually turn into Lipstick and Locks.

On top of this, she has salons in Sudbury, Bury St Edmunds and now a fourth in Braintree.

The new salon was renovated from her father Julian’s old one and opened last Monday.

Abi said: “It all happened by a bit of chance. My dad owns many salons and one was in Braintree, so I took it over.

“We kept some of the old staff and added some new ones, modernised, and rebranded it and added the cocktail bar.

“It’s a big building too. It has six treatment rooms upstairs and even the potential for expansion.”

To celebrate, the company had a grand opening ceremony, where members of the public were shown around the new salon.

Abi said she is astonished how quickly her business has grown and can "never say never" to expanding even more.

She said: “I never thought I would open multiple branches, but I have a burning passion for what I do and did believe it could go far.

“It has all grown so quickly, and Lipstick and Locks has become a very trusted name in our industry and is now recognised across the board.

“Once I have settled into this one, we will see about the future. I always say enough is enough, but then I am tempted by more, so you can never say never.”