Officers at Essex Police have issued a warning to drivers after emergency vehicles were impeded by "completely unaware" motorists. 

In a post on social media the Braintree Police team urged drivers to be "mindful" of their surroundings. 

It comes after vehicles failed to move out of cars with blue lights. 

Some motorists even overtook other vehicles who had pulled over to the let police officers by. 

The post said: "If you see a police car, or any other emergency vehicle, driving behind you with blue lights on, it means we are responding to an emergency incident.

"A large number of motorists today appeared to be completely unaware of our officers behind them, despite the flashing blue lights and sirens.

"We even saw some vehicles overtaking those who had noticed us and pulled over.

"We are urging road users to be mindful of their surroundings and check their mirrors regularly."

The team also had some helpful advice on what drivers should do. 

The post added: "What should you do if you see an emergency vehicle behind you?

"Indicate to show that you are aware of our presence

"Pull over and stop (if you continue to drive at a slow speed, it makes it difficult to overtake with oncoming traffic, please stop)

"Allow the emergency vehicle to pass

"Do not stop in the middle of an island crossing

"This will help us respond to people’s calls for help as quickly as possible."