TUCKED away in many people’s garages lie old tools, worktops and paint pots… but what about an aeroplane cockpit?

That’s what lies in the Colchester garage where film makers Henryk Jachimczyk and John Simpson, having been busy shooting their own answer to Hollywood.

And now audiences are being asked to fasten their seatbelts as the movie is set to hit the screens next month.

Entitled AIRCRAFT TWO, the 67 minute comedy is a spoof of the Hollywood disaster movie genre and has been created on a shoestring budget of just £2,000.

Director Henryk and producer John, both members of Colchester Film Makers, persuaded almost 100 friends and family members to take part as actors and crew for their ambitious effort.

Braintree and Witham Times:

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The idea came out of a casual conversation between the two friends, who had collaborated before during previous film productions.

To help them achieve their dream, a friend offered them the unrestricted use of his garage, and the pair got work scriptwriting, model-making and building aircraft interior sets from vast quantities of wood, cardboard and recycled household objects from bottle tops to microwave ovens.

“Organising the shooting schedules to ensure we had the right people in the right scene at the right time was a logistical nightmare,” explained Henryk, who has won international amateur film making awards.

“We set out with the sole intention of sending up Hollywood disaster movies and making people laugh, but as we thought up more scenes and more jokes it took a little longer than anticipated.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

When not getting his hands dirty building sets, John took on his role as the lead character of first officer John Chance.

He said: “Since we started in 2015 the project has cost us about £2,000, mostly on buying MDF for the sets and sandwiches for the actors and crew.”

The film will now be screened at Halstead Empire Theatre on Saturday, April 2, at 3pm and 7pm.

Following its Essex premiere, the film makers plan to upload AIRCRAFT TWO online to reach a much wider audience and share the thrills, spills and jokes captured within a garage.