FIREFIGHTERS worked for more than 30 minutes to extinguish a blaze after a car burst into flames.

The Essex Fire team from Witham were called to a fire in London Road in Hatfield Peverel at 4.09pm yesterday (March 10).

On arrival, the car was 100 per cent alight, and crews worked for 39 minutes to extinguish the fire.

It is believed that the incident was an accident, and no one was injured.

A spokesman for Essex Fire and Rescue said: "We were called to London Road, Hatfield Peverel at 4:09pm yesterday afternoon.

"On arrival, the crew confirmed there was one vehicle, 100% alight.

"Firefighters from Witham worked quickly to extinguish the fire by 4:48pm.

"The fire is thought to have been caused accidentally."

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Essex Police's operational support group was also on scene, and have reminded residents what to do if a car is on fire.

A spokesman said: "It may surprise you but as we arrived on scene the car was very much on fire as it is in the picture.

"There was still cars driving on both sides of the car on fire.

"This is so dangerous if the car explodes you could be at risk.

Please be safe and sensible when on the roads."