THOUSANDS of jubilee trees and bulbs were planted for a council scheme to help tackle climate change.

Braintree Council has announced the total of applicants that collectively planted thousands of trees and bulbs for their community planting scheme.

The community tree planting has also been contributing towards Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee through the Queen’s Green Canopy project.

The council have offered native tree whips and bulbs to Parish and Town Councils, local community and voluntary groups, schools, colleges, and charities within the district.

Braintree Council have since revealed that there has been 115 applicants, from 26 parish and town councils, 32 schools and nurseries and 57 community groups.

In total so far, they have all come together to plant 4,850 trees and 41,600 bulbs within their local areas by March 2022.

The planting packages consisted of native tree whips, including field maple, hazel and hawthorn, as well as bulbs including daffodils, English bluebells and crocus.

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Environment boss Wendy Schmitt said: “I am delighted that this project has had an overwhelming response from people of all ages within our local communities.

“Every tree planted will help protect our natural environment by capturing and storing carbon, and I am also looking forward to seeing the many colourful floral displays when venturing around our district.”

“I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for showing they care about their local environment and for helping to tackle climate change.

“And please, if you have planted a tree then don’t forget to add yours to The Queen's Green Canopy map, so you can say you have been a part of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Green Canopy project, ‘Plant a tree for the Jubilee’, to honour the legacy of our Queen and benefit future generations.”

The Council has also planted more on council owned land, bringing the overall number of trees and bulbs planted to 18,700 native trees and 73,000 bulbs across the district.

Braintree District Council is encouraging everyone who has planted trees to plot their locations on The Queen's Green Canopy map by visiting the official website at