Essex is preparing for the arrival of Storm Eunice.

An amber weather warning has been issued for the county and much of the south of England for Friday.

Storm Eunice is expected to bring winds of up to 90mph across the UK when it hits. 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: "Storm Eunice is expected to track eastwards from early on Friday, bringing the most significant winds to the central and southern areas of the UK, with some gusts possible in excess of 95mph in exposed coastal areas.” 

Here is what to expect for Friday with an hour by hour forecast for Braintree, Halstead and Maldon:

  • 6am: In Maldon and Braintree gusts of 36mph are expected with a 70 and 90 per cent chance of rain respectively. In Halstead speeds of 35mph are anticipated
  • 7am: Wind gust speeds will increase to 42mph in Maldon, Halstead and Braintree and 44mph in Clacton with a 90 per cent chance of rain
  • 8am: By this time wind speeds are expected to reach 45mph in Maldon, Halstead and Braintree.
  • 9am: An hour later in Maldon and Halstead wind gusts will be the same at 45mph and slightly higher at 46mph in Braintree.
  • 10am: By 10am wind speeds will have reached 53mph in Maldon, 54mph in Halstead and 55mph in Braintree.
  • 11am: Wind gusts of 61mph are predicted in Maldon, 62mph in Halstead and 63mph in Braintree.
  • 12pm: Wind speeds of 67mph are expected in Maldon, 68mph in Halstead and 69mph in Braintree
  • 1pm: 65mph winds are predicted for Maldon and 66mph speeds in Braintree and Halstead
  • 2pm: By 2pm the wind gusts will be slightly lower at around 60mph in Maldon and Braintree and 61mph in Halstead
  • 3pm: At 3pm the expected wind speed is 58mph in Maldon and Braintree and 59mph in Halstead
  • 4pm: The wind speed continues to fall to about 54mph in Maldon, 55mph in Braintree and 56mph in Halstead
  • 5pm: At 5pm it is expected the wind speed will be 51mph in Halstead, 50mph in Maldon and 49mph in Braintree
  • 6pm: By 6pm is will have fallen further to 49mph in Maldon, 47mph in Halstead and 45mph in Braintree

In the evening wind speeds will continue be between 49mph to 39mph.

The forecast says: “Heavy rain soon clearing, then winds quickly increasing, and becoming very strong and potentially disruptive due to Storm Eunice. Outbreaks of rain arrive through the afternoon, as temperatures fall. Maximum temperature 11 °C.”