A SHOPLIFTER has been banned from several businesses in the area.

Businesses in Braintree have been made safer after a shoplifter was banned from entering them following work from the Essex Police Business Crime Team.

Jason Horne, 36, of Cressing Road, Braintree, was made subject of a Criminal Behaviour Order at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on January 10.

The order bans him from entering a list of seven Braintree shops for five years.

The shops Mr Horne was banned from include: Tesco, Market Place; McColl’s, Panfield Lane; BP Notley Cress; Texaco, Breaintree by pass; Chelmsford Star Co-op, the Challis Lane and Rayne Road branches; Tesco Express, Coggeshall Road and Co-op Star, Cressing Road.

The order, which expires on January 9 2027, was granted after Horne was convicted of a number of thefts from Braintree shops which took place in 2021.

PC Alex Plakhtienko, from the Business Crime Team, said: “Shoplifting and theft can have a devastating impact on shops and businesses, and their employees, as they try to make a living.

“We continue to protect businesses by charging shoplifters and bringing them to justice, followed by Criminal Behaviour Orders to keep that person away from their livelihood.

“Through our Open for Business, Closed for Crime campaign, we are working with businesses, encouraging them to report incidents to us.”