STUDENTS say they have been inspired to pursue their education after a recent visit by the nation's Home Secretary.

Witham MP Priti Patel visited students at Maltings Academy, in Witham to speak to them about her educational pathway.

She also spoke of the challenges she had faced and how she enjoys her work.

Year 10 student Jake said: “It was an honour to invite Ms Patel into the academy.

"For our questions to be answered to find out more about her was a huge enjoyment to all the students who had the chance to meet her.

“We have all learnt a lot about Ms Patel; what motivated her to do what she does, how she makes an impact upon our country and the significance of education in her life. Ms Patel’s journey of success was inspirational to all; she really did highlight the importance of the places school and our education can lead us to in our lives.

“I felt that although Ms Patel holds a significant amount of power, she is no different from any one of us which inspires me to try and make an impact on the community.

"Ms Patel really did put things into perspective for young students like all of us to look up to.”

Head student Esmiralda added: “It helped me educationally because it made us as individuals and students to acknowledge the importance of education because without the dedication in her education she wouldn’t have been Home Secretary of the UK.”

Head of school Sherry Zand said: “Ms Patel’s visit to Maltings Academy gave our students a great opportunity to speak in person to their local MP, the Home Secretary, and ask her thought-provoking questions about the challenges of her role, her vision and ambition for local schools and who has inspired her the most in life.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many and I know our students felt privileged to have had this first-hand experience. It was also a good chance for our students to gain a better understanding and more insight to the nature of the demands of a job as a politician serving the community and the country.”