THE leader of Tendring Council has thrown his full support behind Colchester’s latest bid to become a city, saying success would be “a moment of pride” for north Essex.

In a personal letter sent to Colchester Council boss Paul Dundas, Neil Stock OBE backed the town to succeed in securing prestigious city status.

The authority’s campaigners officially submitted their application to the Government for consideration in December ahead of the Queen’s forthcoming Platinum Jubilee.

The application marks the fifth time Colchester Council has attempted to secure the coveted seal of approval which, if successful, could result in economic benefits.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Mr Stock said: “I offer the full support of my council to you, your council and the people of Colchester with the bid for Colchester to be recognised as a city.

“I am filled with optimism for the bid and I am very happy indeed to let you know of our strong support for it.

“We share in the successes of each other and it will be a moment of pride for us when Colchester does become a city again.”

Despite Mr Stock’s positive outlook on Colchester’s desire to become a city, some residents have questioned whether it is the right move, given the town’s rich history.

So much so, Colchester councillor Darius Laws previously urged locals to “embrace” the idea instead of fighting it.

If nothing else, Mr Stock believes the people of Tendring’s desire to revel in Colchester life will at least enhance should the area succeed in becoming a city.

“The communities of the Tendring Peninsula view Colchester as their regional centre and there is a natural affinity between the peoples,” he added.

“It is clear Colchester enjoys the support of those who live in Tendring just as Tendring enjoys the support of those who live in Colchester.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

Speaking previously, council leader Mr Dundas said curating the bid had opened his eyes even wider to everything Colchester has to offer.

He said: “What the result will be no-one knows, but it has been a fascinating exercise to write down just all the things there are in Colchester.”