SANTA is back collecting donations as the schedule for the Braintree Lions Group Collection has been revealed.

Braintree Lions are a group that regularly collect money to donate to others in need.

The group have helped a huge number of charities and groups such as the air ambulance, Farley Hospice, other hospices and local hospitals.

They have also donated to a computer for a blind couple, equipment for disabled children, Macmillan Nurses and Mencap and many other local charities.

The Braintree Lions Santa will be making his way around Braintree and its surrounding areas to take donations in the buckets being carried.

The dates, times and locations are as follows:

Saturday December 4 – GRIDSERVE ELECTRIC FORECORT – 1pm – 5pm

Monday December 6 – Acorn Avenue, Townrow Avenue and Tortoiseshell Way – 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday December 7 – Great Notley, Cuckoo Way Area – 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday December 8 – Marks Farm – 6pm – 8pm

Thursday December 9 – Kings Park – 6pm – 8pm

Friday December 10 – Rayne Village – 6pm – 8pm

Monday December 13 – Mill Park Drive – 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday December 14 – Crab Apple Drive Great Notley Green, Ducks Area – 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday December 15 – Fairview Estate – 6pm – 8pm

Thursday December 16 – Great Notley – Queensborough Lane Area – 6pm – 8pm

Friday December 17 – White Court – 6pm – 8pm

Sunday December 19 – Braintree Village – 12pm – 4pm

The routes are restricted to main access road areas, avoiding cul de sacs on estates, and no collections will be taken from individual houses as in past years due to potential COVID restrictions.

Any further changes to the schedule can be found on the Braintree Lions Facebook Page at