Almost 100 EU nationals have been refused permission to stay in the Braintree district after Brexit.

Home Office data published for the first time shows about 90 people who applied to continue living in the area by September 30 had their application rejected.

The EU Settlement scheme launched in March 2019 to regulate the immigration status of European citizens who live in the UK.

Those who have lived in the UK for five years, and meet the criteria, can receive settled status and remain in the country indefinitely.

Others who have lived in the country for less time can receive pre-settled status, which lets them remain for a further five years. They can later apply for settled status.

Since applications opened, 5,610 people applied to continue living in Braintree, with 5,410 receiving a decision by the end of September.

Of them, 3,690 received settled status and 1,490 pre-settled.

The highest number of applications came from citizens of Poland (1,830), Romania (1,060) and Portugal (520).

Though the scheme officially closed on June 30, EU citizens with reasonable grounds for missing the deadline can still apply to secure their rights.

About 90 applications were submitted after the deadline in Braintree.

The Home Office said people with a pending application, are protected while the outcome of their application is unknown.

A spokesman said the EU Settlement Scheme has been an "overwhelming success", with 6.3 million applications received and 5.5 million people being granted permission to stay so far.

She added: “Caseworkers will always look for reasons to grant rather than refuse.

"Individuals can be refused on eligibility or criminality grounds, and if a refused applicant disagrees with our decision, they can apply for an administrative review or appeal."