SCHOOL bosses say they are “taking every measure possible” to limit the spread of Covid-19 after a reported outbreak of coronavirus.

Rayne Primary School is remaining open amid reports a number of pupils at the school have tested positive for Covid-19.

But the school has defended itself by saying it is doing all it can to prevent the virus spreading and protect pupils.

Headteacher of Rayne Primary School, Michelle Keeling, said: “Since the start of the pandemic, the school has maintained a strict cleaning schedule to protect pupils and our valuable, hardworking staff.

"Also, we are constantly amplifying the need for all pupils to maintain personal hygiene such as regular washing of hands.

"We cannot stop transmission of Covid-19 in the wider community; however, I can say the school is taking every measure possible to limit the spread of Covid-19 within the school community.”

It comes after the Rayne Parish Council acknowledged "an increase in Covid cases within the school community" and reminded residents of their duty councillor service for anyone needing help with the collection of medication or groceries.

A letter from Mrs Keeting and Rayne PSA also announced the cancellation of this weekend's Winter Wonderland PSA event with an increase of cases in the school community also given as a reason.

The letter added: "We feel that not only will many children and their families be unable to attend but those planning to attend could be unintentionally put at risk."

In response to the reports, Essex County Council is issuing advice to parents.

They say primary school aged children should be tested for the virus twice a week to prevent the virus spreading to schools.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “Essex County Council is advising parents of primary school age children to test them twice a week.

“If a primary school age child tests positive and has siblings over the age of two who are not yet attending primary school, ECC advises these siblings to be twice-weekly tested also.

"Lateral flow tests are not routinely used in children under two but can be used from that age on.

“Children who are over two years old and not yet attending primary school, do not need to be regularly tested – they only need to be tested if an older sibling who attends primary school has tested positive.

“While the likelihood of serious illness in children is extremely low, after 18 months of serious disruption the Department for Education and ECC are committed to ensuring that all children and young people in Essex have every opportunity to catch up.”