IMAGINATIONS were running wild when a primary school was treated to a visit by a children’s author.

Pupils at Rayne Primary were visited by Jane Rhodes, who published her first book this year after writing it while on furlough.

The book is called Margot and the Magical Plant and it is about a little girl who plants some seeds, but doesn’t quite know what she is growing.

The book was self-published by Jane at the end of April after taking almost a year to put together.

She visited Rayne Primary School after an invite and said the experience was fantastic.

“The kids loved the book – I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm,” she said.

“I took along Margo stickers and colouring pages for them, which went down really well.

“The teacher read the story and then the children asked me a million questions, it was great fun.

The school has an outdoor learning area for years one and two.

Last year the children enjoyed lots of planting, so when a learning support assistant came across the book, she thought it would be a great way to get the children interested in the outdoor area and planting again.

Year Two teacher Louise Gregory said she and the children loved the experience.

“The day was amazing – the children couldn’t believe a ‘real life’ author came to our school,” she said.

“They wrote stories based on the book and enjoyed reading these to Jane.

“They also wrote questions to ask her and loved asking and finding out the answers.

“Jane also asked the children if they had any ideas for future stories and the children relished the opportunity.

“The children were thrilled by the experience and still talk about Jane Rhodes visiting our classroom.”

In her thank you card, Jane said that the children will make fantastic story-tellers in the future as they have great imaginations.