A PRODIGY fan and passionate mental health campaigner is spreading his message across the continent after performing on national TV... in Croatia.

Marko Lukač, 31, is reaching out to a band he idolises after he took to the stage on Croatian TV talent show Supertalent, the nation’s version of Britain’s Got Talent.

Marko, from Bjelovar in Croatia, puzzled judges with his rendition of Firestarter by Braintree-based band the Prodigy.

But, despite not getting the nod from the judges, Marko used his screen time to raise awareness over mental health, an issue close to his heart.

The gutsy performer opened up to the judge on his previous battles with psychosis with many in the venue giving him a round of applause.

While Marko is a lover of music, and even stars in his own Croatia-based band Francisco Gringo, one of his biggest loves is psychology.

He found his love for the subject in the last few years after he checked out of a psychiatric hospital following a psychotic break.

Now Marko, who performs vocals and plays bass, is reaching out to one of his favourite bands, the Prodigy, in a bid to share his message about mental health and show them his performance.

The band, which started in the 1990s, currently features band mates Liam Howlett and Maxim but the group were rocked in March 2019 by the death of iconic frontman Keith Flint.

Keith was found dead by Essex Police at his home in North End.

Marko hasn’t had the chance to come the UK, but saw the band live in Zadar.

He said: “I did not know him personally, so I must be honest and say that I did not feel that amount of grief like the people who were close to him.

"But the fact that people will never hear the original Firestarter and other songs he performed live again, is really a big loss for the world music scene."

Marko performed his rendition of the iconic song getting three no's and a yes from the judges.

He said: “National TV or my room, no difference, the show and the moves have the same intensity.

“Although, I was a bit nervous when the time came to talk about my psychosis.

“But soon as I started to talk, the breaks suddenly got loose and everything that first came to my mind just launched out.

“It was a relief, but I totally forgot almost every word I said in that moment. Good thing they got it on camera.

“I was aware before applying to the show that I would not pass, so I wasn’t surprised with their decision.

“The reactions where quite interesting and unusual. I think this is the first time in the show, that one of the judges was so scared of the performance that they forgot to push the buzzer.

“I got a yes from Martina Tomčić, a Croatian opera singer, who I appreciate the most of all the judges as a person and a vocal performer, so if you ask me, it was like I passed to the next round.

“They supported my attempt to raise awareness about mental health, so all four of them got a yes from me personally.”

Now Marko hopes to inspire other who may be suffering with their mental health but is also reaching out to the Prodigy.

He added: “Breaking the stigma, especially in these pandemic times, is the first step in the recovery that we must do, personally and as a society.

“I know they are probably in the studio making beats for the new album, so I don’t want to bother them too much.

“Maxim and Liam are my last chance to make it. I would also like for them to know that through the lyrics and music of Firestarter they helped me to express my suppressed emotions and to use it as one of the tools for trying to break the stigma.”