A PHOTOGRAPHY enthusiast from Witham has won an award after entering in a county competition.

Kevin Wilson, a 45-year-old construction worker, has been awarded with the Local Area Chelmsford trophy from the Essex Photography Prize.

The competition, held by Blue Sky Printing, was launched this year in August open to amateur and professional photographers in Essex.

It had over 700 entries across eight categories.

The Witham resident has been taking photos as a hobby for over two years and decided to entre after seeing the competition on Facebook.

“I just thought since I’ve got so many images, it would just be nice for other people to see them”, he said.

Kevin entered into two categories out of the choices available: Landscape and Local Area for Chelmsford, which also included the surrounding areas.

He reached the final five in both, going on to win in the Local Area category.

Braintree and Witham Times: Kevin's award-winning shot was taken in WithamKevin's award-winning shot was taken in Witham

Speaking on his winning shot, he said: “I shot it in Witham in 2015, it was a reaction shot just using my phone.

“I was out with my children, going around the river walk areas on bikes on a Sunday, when I saw a storm coming over in the distance.

“At the point when the light changed, it was what I describe as storm light, when it is dark but with the sun still out, that is when I took the shot.

“It is definitely up there for one of my favourites I’ve taken, and that’s out of 30 to 50 thousand.”

The five finalists from each category were announced before the winners being revealed at an awards evening on Thursday October 14.

Each of the finalists had their photography printed professionally by Blue Sky Printing and proudly displayed in a touring exhibition, starting off in Chelmsford, before travelling to Colchester, Southend and other locations around Essex.

Cole Watkins from Westcliffe-on-Sea won the overall prize for his entry into the Fashion and Commercial sector.

The full list of winners around Essex can be found on the Essex Photography Prize Facebook page.