A THRILL-SEEKING dancer has raised more than £1,000 after pirouetting out of a plane for charity.

Amie Whitaker, 24, took the plunge from 12,000ft above Beccles Airfield, in Suffolk.

The professional dancer and owner of the Dance Exclusive dance school, in Kelvedon,raised a whopping £1,015 for Havens Hospices.

Amie, from Great Notley, decided to raise funds for the charity after her father died in 2017.

It costs about £40,000 a week to care for the children and adults that attend the hospices.

Amie originally set a goal of £200 but smashed her target in just three weeks.

She said: “I thought maybe £200 was realistic and I wasn’t even sure if I would hit that.

“To have raised over £1,000 is absolutely amazing and fundraising is certainly addictive.

“The sky dive was incredible and it was made even more special knowing I had support of others behind me.

“I chose Havens Hospices as I visited Little Havens Hospice when I was selected at school to be a representative and it was incredible.

“I was so amazed and touched at how comforting the place was, and the incredible facilities and most importantly the love the staff had for their job.

“I chose to raise money for charity as my dad passed away in 2017 and I think if you knew a family member didn’t have long left, you would make them as comfortable as possible and in the nicest place.

“I realised that charities are so important to support families in difficult times, and that after a crazy year of Covid I needed to act now."

Amie took to the skies with UK Parachuting in Beccles.

She added: “I did an indoor sky dive as a present a month before and booked a real one for charity the next day.

“I thought what better way to raise money by doing something dare-devilish rather than a cake sale.

“The reaction to the fundraiser has been incredible.

"I never thought so many people would support me – friends, family members, colleagues and even anonymous people too.”