A DISOBEDIENT deer caused traffic chaos after making its way onto a busy road during rush-hour before running off into the distance.

Essex Police officers were forced to close a section of Coggeshall Road between Bradwell and Coggeshall on Friday morning.

Officers had been sent to the A120 road after being informed of a stray deer causing havoc on one of the carriageways.

The buck’s brazen antics resulted in major traffic congestion and drivers experienced delays in both directions for about 40 minutes.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Eventually, however, after toying with travellers, the deer causally strolled off, leaving the traffic chaos in its wake.

A spokesman for Essex Police said a resident has attempted to support the creature.

He said: “We were called at about 7.20am on Friday following reports of a deer on the carriageway of A120 in Bradwell.

“The road was closed while police and a member of the public tried to help the deer.

“The road was reopened at about 8am after the deer left the carriageway and ran off into a nearby field.”

The deer was lucky to escape unscathed but it is not the first time a deer has caused chaos on the busy road.

Braintree and Witham Times:

In 2016, a similar situation occurred between Coggeshall and Bradwell when the A120 westbound lane was blocked following an accident involving a car and a deer.

More seriously, back in 2000, four people were injured on the A12 after a serious accident involving a deer.

An Escort car had collided with the animal before a motorcyclist got caught up in the incident and came off his bike.

The driver of a Rover car was also unable to avoid the accident resulting in his passenger having to be treated for a serious head injury.

In the year prior to that, however, a Witham woman whose car had collided with a herd of deer on the A12 had led calls for action to make the road safer.

Sarah Hanness’s car was written off as a result of the accident and two of the animals were killed.

A Rhea called Colin has also caused chaos on the A12.

The bird had escaped again from its home in Great Horkesley and was playing chicken with traffic near the Colchester United community stadium.