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Harrison Boyd, 13, died on October 6 following an agonising eight month fight with a rare cancer called NUT carcinoma.

During that time he endured endless treatments, tests and chemotherapy sessions at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

His mum Tanya Boyd, 39, from Clacton, even desperately hunted for a new and more suitable home which would accommodate her son’s newfound needs.

Despite the struggles bestowed upon him, the young schoolboy remained positive and upbeat througout.

Braintree and Witham Times:

He dedicated himself to documenting his journey on TikTok with a view to helping other children with rare illnesses like him.

The Harrison’s Army social media movement quickly gathered momentum and before long he had become a viral sensation whose story touched many across the globe.

Devastated Tanya has now remembered her son and “soul mate” in a touching tribute.

She said: “Harrison wanted to share his story and journey and I knew I would have to finish it and document his final chapter.

“He passed away on October 6 in the morning and I was with him when he took his last breath.

“Throughout Harrison’s journey he has shown determination, bravery and courage.

“He has touched so many people’s hearts all over the world and inspired so many and he will be missed by so many.”

Harrison’s fight with cancer started back in February when Tanya took him to hospital after he started to feel unwell.

After several tests, two tumours were discovered in his spine and lung and he was initially diagnosed with an undifferentiated sarcoma.

However, in May, Harrison’s diagnosis was revised and he was instead told he had a rarer form of cancer called NUT carcinoma.

The doctor’s verdict shattered his family, changed their lives in an instant, and devastated his younger brother Henley, who is four.

After a while Harrison’s ability to walk was greatly hindered due to the tumours on his spine which were compressing his spinal cord and he slowly deteriorated.

Since his death there has been an outpouring of support for Tanya with hundreds of people paying tribute to Harrison and millions of social media users sharing the Harrison’s Army tag.

The wider community also came together to help Tanya financially, raising just shy of £2,000.

Speaking previously about her reaction to her son’s diagnosis Tanya and the support of the public she said: “I felt sick to my stomach.

Braintree and Witham Times:

“Before all this my child was a very well and able boy.

“Our lives have changed way, way more than people think.

“But it is heart-warming and overwhelming to know we have so much support from people we do not even know.”

A funeral service will be held for Harrison at the Weeley Crematorium in Clacton on October 29.