A PROLIFIC shoplifter has been put behind bars after ransacking a variety of shops.

Rory Lockley-Steward, 21, of no fixed address, appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court, on Monday, charged with 11 shoplifting offences.

He admitted stealing from Tesco Superstore, Marks Farm, Co-op Cressing Rd, and B&Q Braintree between September 1 and October 14.

The judge subsequently sentenced him to 43 weeks in prison and issued a three-year criminal behaviour order, which bans Lockley-Steard from the cluster of stores.

The order also states Lockley-Steward must not remain in any shop or commercial premises if asked to leave by staff.

Inspector Mirrington-French said: “Lockley-Steward was a prolific shoplifter, stealing from multiple businesses all over Braintree.

"We have worked hard to get this criminal behaviour order and it will offer protection to local businesses.”