COLCHESTER deputy mayor Tim Young has said he was just trying to resolve a dispute after being accused of road rage.

A driver said he was left shaken up after being pursued by the Greenstead councillor.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Mr Young followed him in his car following an incident at St Botolph’s roundabout’s traffic lights.

However, Mr Young denied he was being aggressive and said he just wanted to explain himself - and resolve the situation.

Mr Young also denied being on his phone at the lights and said he was distracted by a stain from a doughnut on his top.

The incident started when the traffic lights turned green, but Mr Young didn’t drive off.

Watch the video below

Frustrated, the other driver said he sounded his horn, leading to a back and forth of gestures between the pair.

The driver also gestured the councillor was on his phone.

He said: “He got a bit frustrated, telling me to calm down with his hands. I was calm, but he was holding me up.

“He then drove forward and stopped. I overtook him and he veered his car towards me.

“He followed me for ten minutes and when I ended up down a dead end, he pulled across the back of me.”

In a video seen by the Gazette, Mr Young then approaches the resident in his car and opens his door, while the driver asks him to go away.

Mr Young said he wanted to explain he wasn’t on his phone, pointing out that would be illegal.

Mr Young said: “I was coming back from town when I noticed I had spilt part of a doughnut down my shirt.

“Suddenly I heard a horn from behind me, so I put my hand up to acknowledge this. The driver was making gestures like I was on my phone, I was saying I wasn’t.

“I thought I needed to explain to this guy that I wasn’t committing a crime.

“He began to drive dangerously and I was waving at him to stop so we could talk; he wouldn’t acknowledge this.

“In the end it was just a misunderstanding and if I worried him, then I’m sorry about that.

“I helped to calm the situation down and we both said we hoped the other had a good day. It was just one of those incidents and we both move on.”