HUNDREDS of residents have objected to controversial proposals for a new estate as it is set to go before council planners.

Developer Gladman wants to demolish a number of farm outbuildings and build 90 new homes in Black Notley.

Plans were submitted for land off Brain Valley Avenue in December last year.

The bid has received strong opposition from local residents with almost 250 objections submitted to Braintree Council.

Black Notley Parish Council has also objected to the bid.

It outlined reasons such as the land being unstable for development due to flooding, the impact on wildlife, increased traffic and the number of homes on the site.

One five-year-old protester pleaded to save the animal habitats behind his home.

He wrote: “Please don’t build houses behind my home where all the animals live and the stag.

“It will destroy their homes and make me feel sad.”

The homes are recommended for refusal when they go before Braintree Council’s planning committee next Tuesday.

Reasons include the estate being outside of the defined village envelope, its impact on the landscape and character of the Brain Valley and countryside, and the density of houses.

The planning report says: “The proposal would introduce up to 90 dwellings in the countryside adjacent to another village with limited services and facilities.

“While a footway link exists into Braintree, this route is long, unattractive and does not feel overly safe owing to narrow footway widths and vehicle speeds.

“Moreover, while some public transport facilities exist, most trips to access services and facilities would likely be by the private motor vehicle owing to the frequency of these services, distance and the unattractiveness of walking to the railway station. The proposal due to its scale and location, would result in an unacceptable urbanisation of the lower Brain Valley slopes that could not be reasonably mitigated, thus having a detrimental impact the landscape character area of the Brain Valley and wider countryside.”

The report also says the density of housing is “completely at odds” with the character of Black Notley.