Barnardo’s is calling for more people to consider becoming a foster carer after the numbers of children referred to the charity’s fostering services across the UK shot up.

The number of children needing care has increased by 36 per cent over 12 months.

Barnardo’s is looking for more foster carers to ensure that when a child needs a loving, stable and safe family, there are local carers available.

In particular, they are looking for people who would consider caring for siblings as they can offer each other support and it can help reduce feelings of isolation.

The number of sibling groups referred to its services in the UK over the same period rose by 31 per cent. A new YouGov survey for Barnardo’s encouragingly shows that 14 per cent of adults in Great Britain would consider fostering a child aged 18 or under in the next five years. However, that figure drops to just six per cent when asked the same question about fostering siblings.

Barnardo’s hopes to hear from people from all backgrounds from around the UK.


Emma Bowman

Barnardo’s South East regional director