COMMUNITY police officers have been seen on patrol in Bradwell after listening to the concerns of residents.

Essex Police has dispatched patrols to the village with PCSOs seen patrolling the area.

Police have confirmed the patrols are in relation to concerns raised over anti-social behaviour.

It comes after residents in Bradwell voiced their outrage at a recent parish council meeting.

Residents raised their concerns over daylight dogging incidents in the village with may concerns it is ruining the reputation of their area and its countryside.

It was mentioned that residents feared what their children might see and that a group of over 70 pensioners were propositioned to participate.

Dogging, which means to have sex in public while being watched, is not illegal but can be if another person sees the act and takes offence.

Now Essex Police has sent patrols to Bradwell and says it is working with local groups to curtail the anti-social behaviour.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "Following concerns raised to the team about anti social behaviour in Bradwell, officers attended the parish council meeting this week and are now working in partnership along with Braintree district council street scene enforcement to find a long solution to the issues.

"The parish are now looking at making physical changes to the area, Street Scene are looking at the environmental side and our PCSO's have been up to the area patrolling."