A CONTROVERSIAL plan to build hundreds of new homes has been given the go-ahead.

Bovis Homes will now press ahead with its plan to put up 300 homes and a new community centre on land off Colchester Road, Coggeshall, after Braintree Council planners unanimously gave it green light at a planning committee meeting.

The developer was originally given planning permission in 2019 but detailed proposals have now been approved.

Councillor Gabrielle Spray said the landscaping at the sight was “as good as we have seen”.

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Mrs Spray said: “It’s high quality and it’s pleasing, and I hope that residents who were quite fearful will find that when it is developed it slots in quite well and I hope it is appreciated.”

Members of the public had voiced their concerns about the proposal saying it would have a detrimental impact on the village.

But councillors say the new plans are “complementary” of Coggeshall.

David Mann said: “When this came before us before there was quite a lot of apprehension about the possible local impact on the historic core of Coggeshall.

“Those of us that support it were hoping that something could be devised that complimented historic Coggeshall rather than being in competition with it.

“I think overall the application achieves that.”

The plans include 300 homes, including 40 per cent affordable housing and a community facility.

Some residents still objected to the application, insisting the village won’t be able to cope with the traffic.

One objection said: “We are concerned with the one entrance in and out of the development.

“Colchester Road is already a busy, fast road and with the addition of at least 600 extra cars it will be a daily hazard.

Another said: “Such a large volume of housing will have a negative effect for the following reasons: At least 300 plus vehicles with pollution and environmental noise damage.

“Inadequate road systems in village to accommodate increase in traffic flow and potential increase in accidents on A120 especially towards Colchester.”

Councillors unanimously voted to give the application the go-ahead.