READERS said they will still wear face masks despite no longer being legally required to.

In a poll carried out on our website, 68 per cent of people said they will continue to wear a face covering after July 19.

Earlier this week Boris Johnson confirmed that rules regarding face coverings will be revoked at step four of the government's road map, when all remaining restrictions are set to be lifted, and that wearing a mask from this point onwards will become "a personal choice".

This means it will no longer be compulsory to wear face masks in shops, public transport or when walking around a bar or restaurant.

Mr Johnson said the government would end the "legal obligation to wear a face covering" but added: "Guidance will suggest where you might choose to do so - especially when cases are rising and where you come into contact with people you don't usually meet in enclosed spaces, such as obviously crowded public transport."

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In response to the poll Sue Blackley said: "Yes, when in crowded situations or on public transport. I have to wear it at work for eight hours a day anyway until told otherwise."

Sue Chapman agreed saying: "Yes where needed - the cases are up in our area, vaccinations thankfully seem to be reducing the need for hospitalisation, however you can still have more than just mild symptoms. If people become too complacent it makes a mockery of everything.

"It's still a serious matter."

Cabello Hair and Beauty Salon in Witham also revealed all staff will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, regardless of the lift on restrictions.

A lot of readers said it depends on where they are as to whether they will wear one or not.

Ann Spice said: "It'll depend on the situation. Will wear on public transport event though I'm double jabbed."

The chairman of the British Medical Association, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, said it "makes no sense" to stop wearing face masks in enclosed public settings amid a rising number of cases of the Delta variant.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme "face masks are proven to reduce spread of this infection" and "we can't understand why we would knowingly want people to become infected".

Ryanair also confirmed it face masks would remain mandatory on its flights "in order to protect the health of our passengers and crew".