A WOMAN who dedicates her work to helping young people who have suffered trauma has been awarded an OBE.

Sue Bell, founder, chief executive and clinical director of Kids Inspire is among those names in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2021.

Over 14-years Sue has built an organisation with more than 100 paid and voluntary staff who work across Essex with young people who have suffered trauma.

Sue said the award is a testimony to the work of Kids Inspire and everyone who supports them.

Paying tribute to those around her, Sue said: "Even through challenging times, the charity has not strayed from the path of empowering children, young people, and families and, as long as we are needed, there we shall remain.

"I would like to thank my patient, understanding family and friends and, of course, the big-hearted team I work alongside.

"From day one they have shared the vision of the charity and are as committed as I am to positively empowering the child at the centre of each case, supporting them to break down trauma and mental health barriers.

"Likewise, I celebrate all the courageous young people and their families that we meet.

"I feel proud of each life progression, knowing how positive intervention has supported them to go on and fill their future with love and opportunity.”

Sue continues to support some of the most complex cases, referred to Kids Inspire, which is based in Chelmsford.

One young user said Sue saved her life.

They added: "Sue was the one there for me when I truly had no one else.

"Sue gave me space and time in which I finally felt heard, supported, and safe to express myself however I could, without fear of judgement.

"She gave me permission to fall apart with her and was there to help me pick up the pieces of myself when I was ready.

Sue did nothing less than save my life, and I will never forget that.”

For more information about the work of Kids Inspire, visit kidsinspire.org.uk.