When I wrote to voice my option on the damaging effects leaving the EU is already having on our country (Letters, May 20) I did not make any personal insults to anyone.

What a shame W Brown of Braintree (Letters, May 27) was unable to get his/her views across without being rude or making assumptions about my character.

Yes, I am old enough to remember when we joined the Common Market. I was 18 years old, voting for the first time and I voted to join.

As for things going wrong in the future I think we can safely say “I told you so” now. Try telling all the small businesses struggling with all the red tape and extra costs, the fishermen, meat and dairy exporters, musicians, actors, antique dealers, silversmiths, fashion industry to mention but a few that their glasses are “half-empty”.

Or the people of Northern Ireland who have been badly let down by Boris Johnson’s marvellous deal.

If people refuse to acknowledge the evidence that Brexit isn’t exactly going swimmingly, then there’s nothing much can be done about it.

I am very pleased W Brown of Braintree has not had his/her life made worse by Brexit. I am pretty certain most people who voted to leave will feel no effects except an increase in their shopping bills.

What we all need to consider is not the impact on ourselves but our future generations.

I really do hope in this instance W Brown of Braintree is proved correct. However I do believe that a harmonious, close and peaceful relationship with our nearest neighbours must be our ultimate goal.

Polly Brown