MID Essex readers are unanimous in their views that school days should not be extended.

The government recently revealed plans to extend the school day in England by 30 minutes.

The plan, drawn up by Sir Kevan Collins, proposes a minimum 35-hour week and 100 hours of additional schooling compared with existing timetables in many state schools and colleges.

We asked readers if they thought school days should be extended.

Many of you argued that children would struggle to concentrate for that length of time and should be allowed to enjoy their childhood.

Catherine Donegan McConville said: "No absolutely not. Children have been amazingly resilient throughout the pandemic.

"They have missed the normality of childhood for two years. Childhood is short and we hope it creates a bank of good memories. Many children of frontline workers have never stopped going to school."

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Ann Cullum said: "No. It is not fair to ask teachers to work extra hours. They have a busy enough time already. The children probably would be too tired also."

Angelina Kemp added: "Absolutely not. A grown adult would struggle to maintain concentration and stay focused for this amount of time, how can you expect a child to?

"It's too much and wouldn't benefit any child, parent or teacher.... And bizarrely enough I would actually like to see my child through the week."

Some said that if school days were to be extended then homework should be abolished.

Gill Trenery said: "As long as they abolish planning and paperwork. No teacher can plan eight hours of lessons, mark them and keep individual data on children whilst working a ten-hour teaching day.

"They have to prepare the classroom before the children arrive and clear up after they leave. Classroom display boards and notice boards etc. need attention too."

Teachers' unions have also criticised the plans saying that the £1.5bn funding package fell far below levels needed to help children catch up on learning lost because of the pandemic.