Across the district residents cast their ballots yesterday in what was dubbed 'Super Thursday', but this morning we are still waiting for the results for both Braintree and Witham. 

We are currently awaiting results for the results of all eight seats up for grabs in the Braintree district.

Essex County County are due to announce the results later this morning.

There is also an election for the post of Essex police, fire and crime commissioner.

Here's a reminder of all the candidates standing in Braintree and Witham:

Essex County Council


Lynette Bowers-Flint (Con)

James Card (Lib Dem)

Moia Thorogood (Lab)

Nick Unsworth (Green)

Braintree Eastern

Barry Fleet (Lib Dem)

Robert Mitchell (Con)

Robert Powers (Lab)

Paul Thorogood (Green)

Braintree Town

Tom Cunningham (Con)

Keiran Martin (Lab)

Kate Onions (Lib Dem)

Colin Riches (Ind)


Jo Beavis (Ind)

Chris Siddall (Con)

Garry Warren (Lab)

Andrew Waugh (Lib Dem)


Mark Galvin (Lib Dem)

Shan Newhouse (Lab)

Mark Posen (Green)

Peter Schwier (Con)

Three Fields with Great Notley

Graham Butland (Con)

JackColeman (Lab)

Graham Sheppard (Lib Dem)

Michael Staines (Ind)

Witham Northern

James Abbott (Green)

Phil Barlow (Lab)

David Hodges (Ind)

Ross Playle (Con)

Witham Southern

Leanora Headley (Lab)

Philip Hughes (Green)

Derrick Louis (Con)

Charles Ryland (Lib Dem)

Braintree Council

Hatfield Peverel and Terling

Jonathan Barker (Green)

Jack Coleman (Lab)

David Hodges (Ind)

Darren White (Con)

Witham South

Paul Heath (Lab)

Philip Hughes (Green)

William Korsinah (Con)

Charles Ryland (Lib Dem)

Witham Town Council

Hatfield Ward

Stephanie Bills (Green)

Paul Heath (Lab)

Sindhu Rajeev (Ind)

Charles Ryland (Lib Dem)

Joann Williams (Con)