When we plant trees we do so in the knowledge that we are planting for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. 

Here in Witham we are blessed with many fine trees planted by earlier generations with that same understanding. 

Two of the finest trees in Witham that have given joy to so many over decades are the majestic cedars that stand in front of the former police station in Newland Street. 

The present occupiers, Holly Trees Montessori Nursery, now seek to butcher (there can be no better word) these iconic trees, fundamentally for no better reason than they consider them to be “overgrown”. 

These trees occupy a prominent position in the Witham Newland Street Conservation Area and are protected by Tree Protection Orders. If “conservation” and “protection” are to be seen as meaningful concepts, this proposed act of vandalism must be prevented. We urge Braintree District Council to reject this application.

Allan Waight
Deputy Chairman
Witham Tree Group
Barwell Way, Witham