ASDA customers have thanked a staff member for providing them with a lifeline during lockdown.

Regular customers Fred and Ann Ashley say Michelle Hawkins provided the couple with a lifeline during the pandemic by doing all their essential shopping.

Fred, 86, and 82-year-old Ann have shopped at Asda in Witham since it open ten years ago, forming a close bond with Michelle.

The pair said, “we don’t know what we would have done without her” and described her as a “lifesaver”.

Whenever the couple needed anything whilst shielding during lockdown, Helen would be on call to drop it off on the way home.

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Fred said: “When the pandemic started and we had to isolate Michelle said to us that anything we needed she would get and run it over when she finished work. I would reimburse her on the doorstep.

“She always made sure we were looked after. We cannot thank her enough for what she has done.

“I don’t know what we would have done without her. She offered to help straight away.

“She is a good one is Michelle – a lifesaver.

“I know Michelle very well. She has always been very helpful. I think she even recognises her regular customers from their backs!

“I’ll be walking down the aisle with my back to her and she’ll say’ hello Fred! She’s very good, always chatting.”

With lockdown easing, Fred has now been able to return to his twice-weekly shopping trips.

Michelle, who has worked at the store for five years said: “I always have a chat to our regulars and when we went into pandemic I gave Fred my phone number and said to him that if he needed anything he just had to let me know.

“He used to ring me sometimes twice a week with what they needed and I would just pop round with it. It’s just round the corner from the shop, so not too far.

“I just like helping people. I will do it for anyone. It is just the way I am really.

“It’s nice to get a bit of praise, but I didn’t do it for that, I did it because I like to help people and I always have.”

Store manager David Smith has nominated Michelle for an Asda customer service award.