A business owner is hoping to reopening next month... providing customers behave.

Lisa-Jane Spence, owners of The Tea Rooms in Witham brought some fun to the high street with her amusing window display.

Indoor hospitality will be allowed to reopen in a further reduction of lockdown measures, should the data allow, from May 17.

And Lisa-Jane wants to remind everyone to follow the rules.

The shop window reads "Opening 17th May.... If you behave yourself!"

Lisa-Jane said: "We’ve all really missed our customers and they’ve missed us too. We are a really tight knit team and we’re desperate to work alongside our colleagues again.

"I’ve furloughed all my staff and I’ve been working alone offering afternoon teas and meals throughout the pandemic."

The Tea Rooms opened 12 years ago and like many small businesses has been hit hard by the pandemic but remains the top rated British restaurant in Witham on TripAdvisor.