Those who had fought in the Second World War returned to a country which had been subjected to terrible destruction.

They determined to rebuild a country fit for heroes, and they did so by returning a Labour Government led by Clement Attlee. He took up the challenge, and delivered affordable housing, a welfare state, the National Health Service, and good relations with countries which had once been our enemies.

Let us contrast that with the current state of our country, which has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The current Prime Minister, like his two predecessors, could not hold a candle to the vision and ability of Clement Attlee.

Mr Johnson was elected to implement just one policy, but this has turned into a disaster. His ‘done’ Brexit has impoverished us all, while at the same time threatening the peace in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile his Cabinet colleagues have floundered while trying vainly to fulfil their duties. Their one success was to order plenty of vaccines in good time, but of course it is the NHS that should be given the credit for the vaccine roll-out, not the Government.

We have practically the worst Covid-19 death rate and economic crisis of all the developed countries. We hear repeatedly of how ministers have been misusing their position to award contracts without tendering, or to appoint their friends to top jobs without interview. The Greensill affair is just the latest scandal to come to light.

The local elections give electors in Braintree District the opportunity to register our complete dissatisfaction with what Conservative government at all levels has to offer. We have had enough of incompetence and sleaze.

It is time to start rebuilding our country by following the example of the post-war heroes, by returning Labour candidates in great numbers.

David Martin
Bridge Street, Witham