I am horrified at the proposed development of land north of Kelvedon Station, off Coggeshall Road, by Parker Strategic Land (PSL). This involves erecting 600 houses on prime agricultural land, adding 1,000-plus vehicles to the already-overcrowded and insufficient local road network.

I feel strongly that Kelvedon and its neighbouring village Feering have done more than enough by way of new-homes provision already, with about 800 more in the pipeline either side of the London Road in Feering, as well as the 238-home Cala Homes site near the station, and the Watering Farm site too.

Braintree District Council seems to have neglected its obligations to citizens completely. Its remit, having been elected by us, should be to uphold the wishes of the majority of the population it represents. This certainly is not the case where concreting over vast tracts of prime farmland in pursuit of evermore houses is concerned.

We all appreciate the need for more houses, but there are far better ways to meet this requirement than by doubling the size of our beloved villages, destroying rural landscapes and crippling the already-creaking infrastructure. Enough is enough.

Paul Tuckfield